Best Lawn Mowers For Elderly

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Gardening is an excellent source of pleasure for many people. Not just the finished result, actual time spent in the garden mowing the lawn or cultivating plants and flowers is a hugely popular past-time in the UK. Recent studies suggest that as many as 27 million people in the UK love gardening, but for some, it is a challenging task.

There is an irony in that as people age and finally have more time to spend in their gardens after retiring, their ability to care for their garden diminishes. Older adults who lose their strength, mobility or ability to stand for some time might find gardening painful and an activity they can no longer participate in.

This is why it is great to see so many tools and products that help mature people care for their gardens, and enjoy one of their favourite activities. This includes cutting grass, and this guide looks at the best lawn mowers for elderly people, and hopefully, this list will help you or a loved one appreciate their garden once again. You can also check out our posts about gardening tools for bad backs and arthritis garden tools for more useful information for the elderly,

Petrol Lawn Mowers For Elderly Users

Petrol lawn mowers are powerful, which is a great help for many elderly people who no longer have the strength they used to have in cutting grass on their premises. Of course, there are challenges and problems associated with lawn mowers for some elderly people. Still, the leading petrol mowers for elderly people minimise these problems and accentuate the opportunity to care for a garden.

Hyundai 46cm Petrol Lawnmower

The Hyundai 46cm Petrol Lawnmower Self-Propelled mower is a great example of a petrol lawn mower that elderly people can use with comfort and confidence. The easy start mechanism means you don’t have to worry about tangling with a difficult pull cord, which isn’t always the case with petrol mowers, and the self-propelled function makes moving the mower a dream.

Why is this a good petrol model for elderly users?

  • It has an easy start mechanism
  • It has a single lever height adjuster
  • This is a self-propelled rear wheel drive device
  • You can move the mower forward with ease
Best Lawn Mowers For The Elderly

Murray EQ2-400 Push 2-in-1

This is a mower that looks highly professional, but which is ideally suited to small to medium gardens. The durable nature of the steel deck means this mower should stay in great condition for many years to come, offering tremendous value for money.

This is another gas-powered lawn mower with an easy start mechanism, and users will appreciate the integrated wash port. If your leisure time can be better spent than cleaning and maintaining a lawn mower, the easy to clean support saves time, and makes you happy.

Why is this a good petrol lawn mower for elderly people?

  • The integrated washing port means it is very easy to clean
  • There is a 50 litre grass bag, which minimises the times you have to empty grass clippings before continuing to cut
  • The steel deck provides added protection against corrosion, damage and rust
  • There is an easy-to-start engine

Honda HRG416SKEH Four-Wheeled Self-Propelled Rotary Mower 16″

The Honda HRG416SKEH Four-Wheeled Self-Propelled Rotary Mower 16″ is a gas-powered lawn mower with a pressed steel cutting deck, and a sizable cutting width, of 41cm, ideal for those who want to minimise the number of turns they do when cutting their lawn.

Why is this a good self propelled petrol lawn mower for elderly people?

  • There is an auto choke system, making it easy to start up
  • It is ideal for small to medium size gardens
  • There is tool free access to the air filters, which should enhance maintenance work
  • Sharp cutting blade is good on small lawns, larger gardens and long grass

Electric Lawn Mowers For Elderly Users

While gas and petrol powered mowers are traditional, and have likely been the first choice for many gardeners over the years, there is no denying the emergence of electric lawn mowers has transformed the way people care for their garden.

Elderly users looking for lighter models or who require a simpler machine that is easy to maintain should find an electric lawn mower that is great for their needs. With corded mowers and cordless electric mowers available, there is a broad range to choose from, and the following electric lawn mowers have many positive features to consider.

Flymo Turbo Lite 260 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

The Flymo Turbo Lite 260 Electric Hover Lawn Mower is from a well-known name in the mowing industry, and its lightweight electric mower ensures most people can use it with ease.

A key feature of this lawn mower is that it is built for ambidextrous use. If you favour your left hand and have struggled with some corded electric mowers, this is an option to consider.

Why is this a good option in an electric lawn mower for elderly users?

  • There is a 1400W motor, providing plenty of power
  • The 10m cable provides plenty of room to move in most gardens
  • The mower recycles grass cuttings back onto the lawn, acting as a fertiliser, hopefully encouraging future growth
  • The mower moves on a cushion of air, and hover mowers are very easy to manipulate and move

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Another significant factor is how easy it is to turn the lawn mower around. Suppose you have a large lawn and find yourself marching up and down a lot; choosing a mower that is easy to turn around corners is crucial. It would help if you also considered the impact of using a corded mower here, as this will limit your turning ability.

The Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower keeps things very simple. Its lightweight build makes it easy to turn, but the powerful motor ensures you don’t compromise on the quality of your cutting power. With a cutting width of 32cm you can do a lot with little effort, and if you need to turn many corners when mowing, this is the sort of mower that makes life easy for you.

Why is this rotary mower amongst the best lawn mower products for elderly users?

  • Grass combs ensure the lawn mower moves along walls, flower beds and lawn edges easily
  • Hardened steel blades make it suitable for long grass and rough grass
  • The 1200W motor provides power to tackle tough lawns
  • Weighing less than 7kg, this mower is easy to turn around corners and manoeuvre

Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

If you have a medium to a large lawn, you need to consider how easy the mower is to move and whether you can push it yourself. A self-propelled mower that doesn’t require much effort is likely to be better for you. Also, if you have more grass to cut, you need to consider how you dispose of the grass.

The Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower has a range of features which make this an excellent option for elderly users with a large garden. The rear roller is an excellent addition, helping you achieve the striped lawn effect that many people desire so much.

Why is this a good option for elderly users?

  • There is a 38cm cutting width
  • There is a 45-litre grass box
  • There are space saving features making it easier to store after use
  • Dual-lever handles make it comfortable and flexible to hold

LawnMaster 1800W 36cm Electric Hover Mower

With a small garden, you can get away with a small grass bag or modest grass box. Hopefully, you won’t fill it up before you complete the work. However, with a big garden, a small grass box or medium grass bag doesn’t suit your needs.

You will find you spend most of your time emptying the grass cuttings. This adds a lot more time to the task, means you have a lot more walking and lifting to do and increases the chance of a mess. If you intend to mow a lot of grass, consider investing in a mower with a large grass box.

This is likely to increase the cost of the mower, and it might impact your storage options. Finding the leading lawn mower for elderly users is often about compromise and finding the product best tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

When it comes to saving time and reducing your workload, how the LawnMaster 1800W 36cm Electric Hover Mower deals with grass significantly boosts all users. This mower moves around easily, but it has a large capacity for collecting grass. Also, its mulching capability puts this grass to good use, hopefully enhancing the appearance of your lawn.

Why is this a good option amongst electric mowers for elderly users?

  • There is a safe-stop brake mechanism
  • The grass box collects 26 litres, but it also mulches grass, returning to the lawn as a nutrient
  • There are four cutting heights
  • The machine has a compact storage setup

Bosch Lawnmower AdvancedRotak 750

It isn’t just the length of a garden that impacts the time it takes to cut; the width of the garden matters too. With an expansive garden, you’ll take more sweeps, which means more walking and time. This machine is highly effective on long and short grass. The Bosch Lawnmower AdvancedRotak 750 resolves this problem with a wider cutting width. It’s a powerful machine, coming in at 1700W, so it does great work for you.

With this machine, you’ll make light work of large gardens, and if you need to cover a wide space in as short a time as possible, this is the sort of mower you should consider.

Why is this cutting width mower a good option for elderly users?

  • It has a 44cm cutting width, with cylinder mowers offering a great return
  • The height adjustable handles crate an ergonomic mowing experience
  • This is a largely silent and compact mower
  • The mower collects and shreds leaves

Hyundai 17″/42cm 139cc Electric-Start Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

If you have no longer have the energy or strength to push a lawn mower, you might fear you gardening days are behind you. This doesn’t have to be the case. With the latest range of self propelled lawn mowers, you stay in control while the motor drives it forward, ideal for large and medium lawns.

You have an excellent range of self propelled lawn mowers to choose from, but this Hyundai option is amongst the best you’ll find on the market. It looks stylish, and it comes with a range of functions which makes cutting grass, maintenance and storing the mower a simple process.

Why is this a good self propelled electric mower for the elderly?

  • There is minimal set up required, and it comes with oil so you can start mowing straight away
  • The handles are foldable, allowing you to store it in a tight space
  • With six adjustable cutting heights, you should find you can cut long and short grass with ease
  • The easy-start and self propelled model mechanism takes so much of the stress and pressure out of using this mower

Cordless Electric Mowers For Elderly People

Rather than using a corded lawn mower, running a cordless model might be best. This model typically runs on a rechargeable battery, and it removes the trip hazard and means you aren’t able to run over the cord accidentally.

A downside is that a cordless lawn mower is heavier to lift and move than a corded mower but much lighter than a petrol option. Therefore, this option is easier to move and manage if you compare cordless with petrol.

There is no denying battery life is improving, but if you have a large lawn area, you should consider investing in spare batteries for your cordless lawn mower. This means you can have one charging or lying ready to use when using one, then swap it out when required.

This increases the overall cost of cordless lawn mowers, but many modern lawn mower batteries are usable for other devices. If you have several electrical appliances for your home or garden, one or two battery packs will likely be compatible with various devices. This can help you spread the cost of additional batteries, lowering the overall cost of cordless mowers.

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Lawnmower With Battery and Charger

The Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Lawnmower With Battery and Charger is an ideal option for those who want more freedom with an electric lawn mower. The versatility and flexibility associated with the Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Lawnmower With Battery and Charger make this an excellent choice of cordless lawn mower for elderly users with a small to medium garden.

Why is this a good option in a cordless lawn mower for elderly users?

  • This is a relatively quiet mower, so it won’t annoy you, or your neighbours
  • Comes with a grass box to collect cuttings, saving you doing it
  • Allows you to mow your lawn faster than a corded mower
  • You have a choice of battery packs if you need more power

Swift 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower

The swift 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower, Brushless Battery Lawn Mower with 2-in-1 Mulch and Catch 30L Grass Bag is a highly functional mower with a great range of benefits and features. If you are looking for a powerful and all-conquering battery mower, this should be on your radar.

Why is this a good option in battery powered lawn mowers for elderly users?

  • The mulch collection facility should help maintain your lawn
  • There is a safety key preventing an accidental start-up
  • You can choose from five cutting heights, and reliable cutting blade
  • The mower comes with two batteries and a charger, so you have good battery life

Greenworks G24X2LM36K2X Cordless Lawnmower

When you picture a lawn mower gliding across the grass, it is easy to imagine a flat surface and lush green grass. This isn’t always the case in real life. Your garden might be on a slope, feature a wide range of materials alongside wet grass, and intricate designs or layout issues prevent you from moving as swiftly as you like.

The robust rear wheels give you far greater control, and this is a powerful mower to cut grass. Whether you are on a slope or have garden furniture or accessories to weave around, you can do so effortlessly.

The Greenworks G24X2LM36K2X Cordless Lawnmower is well-known for its ability to handle steep terrains, and it can be manoeuvred around obstacles with a minimum of fuss.

Why is this a good option amongst cordless mowers for elderly users?

  • Offers the driving power of a petrol mower without the environmental, noise or mess concerns
  • The 18cm rear wheels offer great control, and the mower can move around obstacles with a minimum of fuss
  • A 40 l grass bag and ability mulch content means you don’t have a lot of work to clean up
  • The top handle is comfortable to hold, and can be folded down to save space
  • The brushless motor adjust to the size of the ground

Robotic Mowers For Elderly People

When it comes to modern lawnmowers, which provide elderly people with a fantastic range of benefits, the rise of robot mowers is worth considering. These mowers don’t need much maintenance, and they can cut most, if not all, of your lawn without you having to do any work.

This style of lawn mower is also highly regarded concerning the low volume of noise it emits when working, which is a significant factor for many consumers. You will need to program the machine using a smartphone app, using Bluetooth connectivity, but it is a simple process. If a family member of loved one assists you in setting it up, you’ll find mowing your lawn becomes significantly easier.

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Robotic Lawnmower

The Einhell Power X-Change 18V Robotic Lawnmower With Charging Station For Lawns Up To 400m² is a smart choice for elderly users who want to minimise the work they do in caring for their lawn, without compromising on results.

The Einhell Power X-Change 18V Robotic Lawnmower is a generally affordable option in the robotic mower market.

Why is this robot mower a good option for elderly users?

  • The motor works on slopes up to 35 degrees
  • The battery is accepted in over 300 tools
  • There is PIN protection, offering an added level of protection against theft
  • The device is operated by Bluetooth and an app for smartphones

Another option to consider in this genre of lawnmowers is the LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower.

LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower

This robotic mower is more expensive, but with mulching capabilities, low maintenance, easy installation and set-up capabilities, some users will find value in this machine. The all-round capabilities of this mower make it worth considering if you are no longer able to cut your lawn as much as you’d like, but are determined to maintain your garden in excellent condition.

Why is this robotic mower a good option for elderly users?

  • The mower charges itself and requires next to no maintenance
  • The mulching facility makes cleaning easier, and should enhance the condition of your grass
  • Sensors ensure the mower stops immediately if it is lifted or bumped, so you can be confident about the safety mechanism of this robot mower
  • The machine can work on a slope, handy for those who don’t have a flat garden

Lightweight Push Mower For Elderly People

Some lawnmowers are easier to move than others and for simplicity, a push mower is often your best option. When the weather is pleasant, and you have time to relax in the garden, a push mower is a brilliant way to enjoy fresh air, care for your lawn, and get some exercise.

Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

If you have energy in your arms and are happy to walk a short distance in your garden, the Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower is an attractive, charming and practical push mower. This push mower also holds the title of best cordless lawn mower, easily sitting alongside the leading cordless mower options, and is great for small gardens.

The Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower is a simple and traditional lawnmower, but one with a few modern twists which make it easier to move and manipulate than the mowers you recall from your youth.

Why is this a good option in a push mower for elderly users?

  • You can adjust the cutting height to four positions
  • The sharp rotary blade creates a great looking lawn, and work straight to the edge of your lawn area
  • The foam padded handlebar makes it easy to move around
  • There is a grass bag, saving you cleaning up clippings and cuttings at the end of the work

Other Mowers To Consider

While the following mowers fit into one of the afore-mentioned sections, be it petrol or electric mower, their key feature or benefit lies outside of this component. You might overlook the capabilities of these mowers, but if you need a specialist machine, these might be the best mowers for your needs.

The Mower For People With Limited Storage Space

Storage is vital when planning on buying a new lawn mower. If you have a small lawn, you can get away with a small lawn mower, which is easy to store. You can preserve a storage room with a garden shed or garage and a collapsible lawn mower.

If you already have a car in the garage or garden accessories and machines in the garden shed, there might only be a little room for a bulky lawn mower. You should invest in a specialist storage unit for your new lawn mower, which further increases the cost of buying a lawn mower.

Having the LawnMaster 33cm Hover Lawnmower at your disposal ensures you have a powerful mower, and it is easier to store than some other mowers. The collapsible storage facility means you don’t need a lot of room to keep it in excellent condition.

LawnMaster 33cm Hover Lawnmower

The LawnMaster 33cm Hover Lawnmower is lightweight, it mulches, and it folds down, offering easy storage.

Why is this a good option for elderly users?

  • Foam covered handles and dual levers make it comfortable to move
  • The 1500W motor provides a lot of power
  • The motor is so light you can hang it on the wall of a shed in an upright position
  • The handles fold down, considerably reducing the amount of storage required

Riding Lawn Mower For Elderly People

If you cannot walk far or struggle to move, you can feel like you miss out on many small joys, including lawn care. If you love gardening, being unable to care for your gardening is a cruel punishment. A riding mower allows you to cut your grass and love the outdoors once again.

Lawn King RC125 76cm/30in Cut Ride on Lawnmower

With the Lawn King RC125 76cm/30in Cut Ride on Lawnmower, you can maintain the appearance of your lawn without having to walk. This ride on a lawn mower is best suited to extensive gardens and expansive areas, but if you need to sit down, this machine gives you the freedom you might have lost. A riding mower isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a small lawn, but for those who need it, it is amongst the best lawn mowers you can find.

With an ergonomic steering wheel, this riding mower helps you reclaim your love of gardening. A riding mower is expensive, but it might provide tremendous value for the user.

Why is this a good option in a riding lawn mower for elderly users?

  • There is a 200 litre grass bag
  • The machine comes fully assembled
  • You can sit while mowing your larger lawn
  • A small turning radius makes going around bushes and corners simple

Given the number of requirements elderly users have for mowers, you need to consider many machines when creating a list of suitable lawn mowers for elderly people. From a riding lawn mower to battery powered lawn mowers, there are many great options. Aside from the lawn movers for the elderly, you can also check out our list of lawn mowers for women.

Some of the factors make life easier, such as collecting grass clippings, while others make managing small to medium gardens simpler, like a rear roller. Whatever you need, the best lawn mowers allow you to enjoy your garden once again.