Are battery hedge trimmers any good

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The great thing about hedge trimmers is there are many makes, models and types to choose from. No matter your budget, size of garden or style preferences, you should find one that is right for you.

The bad thing about hedge trimmers is that there are many makes, models and types to choose from! If all you want to do is find the best hedge trimmer for your needs, you can easily be overwhelmed. I was like you, and there are many more people like us around the world.

This guide takes a look at battery hedge trimmers and asks the question, are battery hedge trimmers good?

It’s not only professional gardeners who need to know, if you have high hedging or small hedges, you need to know if a battery and charger trimmer will meet your needs. The answer, and many tips on how to get the best from your cordless hedge trimmer, are available here.

Benefits of a battery hedge trimmer

If you are considering a battery hedge trimmer over petrol hedge trimmers or electric hedge trimmers, you want to know the benefits of hedge trimmers. With a battery and cordless hedge trimmer, the following benefits stand out:

  • With a cordless battery trimmer, you have the freedom to move around your garden without being tangled in an extension cable
  • Battery hedge trimmers are lightweight, so they won’t place you under stress or strain when using them
  • Battery hedge trimmers are easy to use
  • Battery hedge trimmers are quiet, causing less disruption around your property
  • Batteries are replaceable and interchangeable between similar products
  • Many battery hedge trimmers offer an extendable reach, allowing you to trim safely
  • Battery hedge trimmers are often more affordable than other hedge trimmers, making them a great budget trimmer option
  • Battery hedge trimmers require less maintenance than other hedge trimmers

This is an extensive list of benefits, so it is clear that these hedge trimmers are good in many circumstances.

It is also fair to say they are better in some uses and instances than a petrol hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer. Make sure you consider what you need before deciding that a batter hedge trimmer is the best solution for your gardening needs.

What to look for in a cordless hedge trimmer

While deciding to buy a battery trimmer is one thing, it is not as if all cordless hedge trimmers are the same. There are many different options, so you must weigh up what you need and then make an informed purchase on what hedge trimmer is best for your needs. Even something as simple as a clear battery level indicator can elevate one trimmer over a same size hedge trimmer.

Looking for the best cordless hedge trimmers?

Finding the best cordless hedge trimmer is a hard task, but when you do, you’ll enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

What size of hedge do you have?

The suitability of any hedge trimmer depends on the size and nature of the hedge. If you have a small hedge close to your home or property, any hedge trimmer is likely to be up to the job.

If you have a massive hedge stretching across a considerable distance, which is dense, you need something with more power. When there are thick branches and tough leaves, you are better off with a hedge trimmer with a broader blade gap.

Review your hedge, and make a note of the following aspects:

  • The size of the hedge
  • The length of the hedge
  • The density of the leaves
  • How thick branches are

With this information, you’ll find it easier to find the best hedge trimmers for your needs.

What level of power do you need with cordless hedge trimmers?

For maximum power, petrol hedge trimmers are the best option, but for many users, this isn’t the best option. In some cases, petrol hedge trimmers are too powerful, which means they are dangerous.

It is best to focus on a trimmer with enough power for all the tasks you need to undertake without running the risk of overwhelming you.

Whilst your instinct may be to just go for the most powerful hedge trimmer available, this may be unnecessary and can come with drawbacks that are easily avoided.

What battery life do you need?

If you have a small garden, you might not be too worried about the battery life of a cordless hedge trimmer. However, for those with a larger area to cover, you want a hedge trimmer capable of lasting.

The thing to look out for is the Ah rating, which stands for ampere-hour, and it indicates how long the battery lasts. The higher the rating, the longer the battery will last.

While factors like the effort required to cut the hedge and the quality of the battery influence its battery life, a 2.2Ah rating generally lasts for half an hour to 50 minutes. For smaller hedged and light hedge trimming, this is more than enough.

If you have a trimmer with a 3 Ah rating, it will typically run for 45 minutes to 90 minutes. xx

What sort of battery does the trimmer use?

Generally, battery powered cordless trimmers use lithium-ion batteries (Li-on). The standard ratings for these batteries are:

  • 18V
  • 36V
  • 56V

The higher the voltage, the more power the trimmer has. If you need more power, you might elect to keep a spare battery pack, allowing you to swap batteries and keep cutting!

What is the cutting capacity of a battery hedge trimmer?

One area where battery-powered trimmers fall behind petrol or cable trimmers is cutting capacity. If you want to cut stems, it is helpful to know how thick the blades of your trimmer can cut.

One inch thick cutting capacity suits many users

The cutting capacity varies per blade, but it is not uncommon for cordless models to have a cutting capacity of around 1 inch thick. If you need to cut thicker branches and stems, a petrol-powered trimmer or electric hedge trimmer offers the best value, but most homeowners find the cutting capacity of the battery trimmer is sufficient, making it a perfect light hedge trimmer.

A double sided blade makes light work of small hedges, but it uses more battery power.

Is there a long enough blade length?

As we all know, size matters, and this is true for blade length when shopping for the best hedge trimmers. While topiary clippers are smaller, hedge trimmers begin at around 35cm in length. It is common for these trimmers to extend to 65cm.

Do you need a long reach hedge trimmer?

If you have tall hedges, you can consider an extendable hedge trimmer. Long reach hedge trimmers are excellent if you have tall hedges or you are small, but there are drawbacks with a longer blade. It is often harder to hold and use, making the overall weight heavier.

Are these trimmers comfortable?

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of comfort in using a hedge trimmer. Battery-powered trimmers are commonly more light weight than a petrol hedge trimmer or electric hedge trimmers, so they carry an advantage in this respect.

A rotating handle is a comfortable option

If you are looking for comfortable power tools, perhaps for vertical trimming and larger hedges, a rotating handle is of benefit. If you are dealing with thicker branches or you’ll use the trimmer for some time, you want flexibility and comfort, and a rotating handle option is amongst the best hedge trimmers for many households.

A cordless model is a comfortable way to cut hedges

A cordless hedge trimmer might be ideal if you struggle with heavy items. Not every problem needs longer blades, with smaller hedges benefiting from a different cutting length than large hedges.

Safety features of a battery hedge trimmer are worth considering

While there are many reasons to consider investing in a battery trimmer for your home and garden, the safety features help make this a viable option.

For many people, there is genuine concern about using cables and cords when using electricity and having a powerful cutting device in your hand. Using a cordless trimmer is a sensible option if you want to reduce the danger and risk associated with cutting your hedge.

In this regard, a cordless electric hedge trimmer is often the best solution, especially for small to medium-sized gardens. In more significant properties, petrol trimmers are often more effective; but for most homeowners, an electric battery trimmer is more than suitable.

Ultimately, the best cordless hedge trimmer, and the best hedge trimmer in general, is the one which is easy for you to use and which helps you trim your hedge. Of course, breaking your search down into the best hedge trimmers or which brand makes the best budget cordless hedge trimmers are projects for another time.

The main focus of this article is determining if battery hedge trimmers are any good, and for many property owners, the answer is a resounding yes.